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SpiffyGrrl's Journal

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Wednesday, February 21st, 2001
11:30 am - New LiveJournal fun!
ooo la la...

for those of you who have been thinking, "Jesus, Aimee, write something in your LiveJournal" you won't find anything here of value. I no longer feel like a "Grrl" (call it growing up, call it calming down, call it losing my anger) so now I'm just aimee.

I have a new LiveJournal with 95% less hairballs...


(or for those of you who have something against text that says CLICK HERE, you can copy and paste this: http://www.livejournal.com/users/aimeeG)

Much love to my homeyz

current mood: artistic

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Wednesday, October 25th, 2000
6:33 pm
and, in honor of my friend Clint and his new Goodwill purchase that has given us countless hours of fun... "The voice of the MALL always has the final WORD."

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6:32 pm
have you ever checked out the weekly TV ratings charts... just to make sure "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" ISN'T on top? I don't do it anymore, but when it was in its heyday, I would hope and pray that something would beat it. I know I know... it's just TV. but it's a horrible excuse for an obsession, if you ask me.

current mood: chipper

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Friday, October 20th, 2000
1:49 am

i am a geek.

current mood: geeky

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1:49 am
busy week.

i'm not sleeping 12+ hours a day anymore. i'm not going to bed when the sun is waking up. i'm eating insane amounts of corn dogs. i am moving to a new place. the sun shines differently over there. not better not worse but at a different angle.

i answer the phone many times a day. i always take messages because it is never for me. i have small pieces of paper on the floor around me. they are filled with numbers and letters and other things like that. the papers are not important, but i will not throw them away because they prove to me that i exist.

i will stop being this way soon. i will work, then sleep. work, then sleep. and when it's all over, i will continue to work, then sleep because it is the "american" way.

current mood: busy

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Friday, October 13th, 2000
6:25 pm
i had a weird dream last night that confuses me. i don't want to get into it, though

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6:25 pm
oh, and i'm getting ready to move. rah. not that i have that much to pack up. i just have to deflate my bed and put things in my car.

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6:24 pm
hey, folks... it's been awhile, i know.

this week was busy with doing some work for the publishing company i work for BEFORE i start working in the office. but i'm also a lazy bum, and kept putting it off. i am alive, though, and i am well. i spent the last couple of days working nonstop on their work AND learning my new favorite card game, spades (thanks to clint for being the best spades partner EVER.)

and i'm also trying to help miranda stay sane. i think she'll be fine, but i'm doing little things here and there for her which i hope help her out.

and now, since it is friday the 13th AND a full moon, i'm going to sit on my roof and howl at the moon.

current mood: busy

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6:21 pm
anonymous poster: i miss you.

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Sunday, October 8th, 2000
2:42 am
p.s. my favorite bumper sticker "slogan": I only make passes at girls who wear glasses. Rock. AND it RHYMES.

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2:38 am
hey, i just saw that maggie estep has a live journal page. how cool is that?

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2:37 am
being busy is fun. i should do it more often.

anonymous poster, sometimes i think i know who you are, other times i don't have a clue. sometimes that pisses me off. sometimes it intrigues me. right now i am completely confused.

so i'm going to stop writing messages to only you.

because this little game we're playing is messing with my mind. i have better things to do, like shaving my legs.

not that i don't love you, anonymous poster with the shifty eyes, it's just that you could be some scary stalker-type (or you could be the person that i think you are, and if that's the case, stop it.) or you could be random guy at coffee time. if you're random guy at coffee time, here's a quarter... buy a clue.

sometimes i feel SO junior high.

sometimes i feel SO geriatric.

i wish i could feel my age.

so until the anonymous poster strikes again, i bid you farewell and will retire to my bedroom with milk and graham crackers (ah, to be 6 years old again.)

current mood: confused

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Friday, October 6th, 2000
3:19 am
anonymous poster, why do i love you?

and what's all this about frat boys?

my sister's in a sorority (check that, her college outlawed sororities, so she's in a "society.") she LOVES frat boys. i will never understand the allure that frat boys have. i still have this "revenge of the nerds" view of frat boys. they're all blonde-haired blue-eyed pretty boy jocks that wear polo shirts with the collars turned up and beat up on nerds.

hey, I'M a nerd. some pretty boy frat picks on me and he know's he's in trouble.

but why am i rambling on about frat boys? i have no contact with frat boys anymore and i like it that way.

anonymous poster: are YOU a frat boy?

I'm not in a frat, nor am I a boy. go figure.

current mood: bouncy

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3:19 am
i fell asleep at 8pm tonight. I WAS going to go out and have some fun, but i guess my body just said, "enough is enough" and zonked me out before i could do anything about it. so now it's 3am and i'm AWAKE AWAKE AWAKE.

current mood: awake

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Thursday, October 5th, 2000
7:25 pm
blah blah blah

that's all i hear. why do ALL TV CHANNELS have to air the vice presidential debates? it's really making me insane. i just want to watch something mind-numbing and instead i'm forced to think.

let me kill brain cells ONE BY ONE. it's my right as an american.

politicians are politicians. this isn't a debate. it's an unpaid advertisement for both VP candidates. everyone's being so CUTE with their answers and instead of answers being CLEAR or in BLACK and WHITE, everything's a grayscale.


and i'm still wondering who this anonymous poster is.

current mood: bitchy

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1:52 am
anonymous poster... i have no idea who you are. but i love you anyway.

now please tell kerri to kick out her cokehead roommate so i can move in.

thanks, bye.

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Wednesday, October 4th, 2000
1:11 am
i hate poetry nazis.

current mood: annoyed

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Tuesday, October 3rd, 2000
7:25 pm
today i needed something to do. until i start my new job, i have nothing to do but sleep a lot and play with the creatures of the night.

so i give thanks to miranda july. she said, "aimee, i need this." and i did it.

everything i do is in a grid. everything has its place. you belong in a box and i belong in a circle. but we can switch if you want.

anonymous poster: why are you toying with me? don't get me wrong... i like it.

current mood: creative

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3:34 am
not sleeping. scratching fleabitten ankles. drinking Safeway grape soda. catching up on e-mail. killing time. thinking. trying to come up with an original way to express myself. working on web page. twitching. shaking ass in a tribal manner. trying to stop being so cliche. talking to neighborhood dogs. apprehending neighborhood can theives with their rattling shopping carts. still trying to stop using the words "I" or "me." thinking maybe it's time to sleep.

current mood: contemplative

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1:52 am
dear anonymous poster with shifty eyes,

if i had ever met someone who said, "my life is 100% perfect" i would think that it was all a dirty dirty lie. is there ever a situation where life is 100% perfect? would you want to be in that situation?

do you know me? do i know me? will my life ever be stable? do i want it to be stable? who are you and why are you writing to me? don't you have something better to do?

i don't. i play ruthless card games involving catholic schoolgirls beating up each other. is that normal?.

current mood: giddy

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